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Wild Kinds specializes in exquisite French baby sleeping bags, childrens pyjamas, nightwear, beautiful nursery accessories and delightful baby gifts.
The site caters for the discerning shopper who wants the best for their loved ones, from birth to 10 years.
The ultimate in French baby chic, luxury for your baby & children, at affordable prices !

* Great offers for Winter - take advantage of our Winter clearance offers & end of line sale with up to 60% discount on baby sleeping bags.

aby Sleeping Bag Guide
A sleeping bag replaces the need for blankets and sheets and ensures your baby is sufficiently covered no matter how restless your little angel maybe, so you get a good nights sleep too!

Overheating & SIDS
Overheating has been associated to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

To prevent overheating of your baby it is recommended that a baby sleepeing bag should be sleaveless, without a hood and should have a low tog rating.
UK experts have confirmed that sleeping bags with a 2.5 & 1.0 Tog rating are low tag products & therefor safe for babies to sleep in.

With a Bonne Nuit sleeping bag you should adjust the level of clothing on the baby according to room temperature. (see below) Howwever you know your baby best and above all are the best judge, therefore below are guidelines only.

What to wear under a Winter baby sleeping bag
Room temperature - Cool - baby grow & Winter sleeping bag
Room temperature - Cold - vest, babygrow & Winter sleeping bag

Winter sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton lining & outer fabric.

Tog rating 2.5

Machine washable

What to wear under a summer baby sleeping bag
Room temperature - Warm - baby grow & Summer sleeping bag
Room temperature - Hot - vest or nothing & Summer sleeping bag

Summer sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton with a soft towel lining.

Tog rating 1.0

Machine washable.

Peace of mind
Our fabrics are woven in France exclusively for us and certified Oeko-tex standard 100 - free from harmful substances and are wonderfully soft.

Size guide
Sleeping bags are measured from the shoulder to the bottom of the bag.

0-6 months - 65 cms
6-24 months - 90 cms
2-4 years - 110 cms

Magic Merlina has a Rubbish Day
By Jo Maries

* Who am I?
By Dr. Elizabeth Jones

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