3D Drawing

Did you know that drawing doesn’t have to be putting pencil to paper?

3d drawing

Wire is a material you can use to create drawings.

Wire is a great way to show movement and colour in an image. 


Take a look at some examples:


Alexander Calder

 is an artist who often used wire to Crete drawings.

In this image ‘Medusa’, we can see how Calder has manipulated the wire to create a face, seemingly of Greek gorgon Medusa. 

Using wire, Calder creates movement and detail in his pieces, with some bold shapes and other more abstract lines.


Watch this video inspired by Calder’s work

Can you see how this animation captures the movement of the wire.

the bold lines and colours help the artwork come to life.

Now its your turn…

Can you create a drawing made from wire? 

Perhaps set up a still-life scene and recreate this using the wire. 

Some wire you could use is from spare coat hangers 

Safety Tip: Get an adult to help you as this could be difficult.

Alternatively you could use string as shown below.

A Person With Glasses - Rishika Kartik

Tip: Why not try painting the string in a bold colour to add more effect in your drawing 

Want to learn more?

Take a look at some more artists who create drawings using different techniques