Artists and Techniques

Artists that draw

Artist not only provide us enjoyable experiences, but they also provide us with inspiration to create our own art.

Before we create our own pieces or learn about different drawing techniques, it is helpful to know about other artists and what they have created to help us come up with our own ideas and learn a little bit about the history of drawing.

If you have read our page on tools to use when drawing they you may know that we humans have been drawing since for around 700,000 years with some of the earliest drawings being discover from this time according to the National History Museum!

Photo: Craig Foster via the National History Museum

Famous artists to be inspired by…

Leonardo da Vinci





Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian artist from the renaissance period (15th and 16th century) around 400 years ago.

Whilst Da Vinci was an artist who used man different techniques and media, lots of his drawings were very popular now and at the time. 

He used different tools like red chalk and pen to create detailed sketches.

Da Vinci produced many drawings over his career mostly with a purpose to explore anatomy(the human body) and engineering and others as skilled artworks like self-portraits.

Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk
Design for a Giant Crossbow
Muscles of the Torso, side view

Vincent Van Gough 




Van Gough was a Dutch artist who created post-impressionist artworks(a style of art created in the late 19th-early 20th century- around 100 years ago).

Van Gough was known for creating paintings with lots of colour however he created a number of drawings over his lifetime. 

Van Gough’s drawings were mostly landscape (scenery) and portrait sketches (people). Van Gough used strokes like wavy lines, stippling and scribbles

Wild Vegetation
Street in Saintes Maries
Window in the Studio

Jason Gathorne Hardy



Jason Gathorne Hardy is an English artist who creates sketches using graphite and pencil.

Hardy takes inspiration from the Suffolk farms where he lives and grew up creating many artworks of animals and the scenery around him.

Hardy uses pressured strokes and shading to creat pieces which pick up movement and character.



Julie Mehretu




Julie Mehretu is a Contemporary (modern) artist from Ethiopia and America.

Mehretu create large scale pieces which depict abstract landscapes using geometry and different kinds of marks and line work. 

Mehretu mostly uses ink, pencil and acrylic to add depth and texture to her work. 

Being Higher I

Want to learn more?

Watch this video about different artists and how thy draw.