Drawing Techniques

Making Marks

Exploring different marks you can make. 

Look at the different marks that this artist makes with a pencil. 

Why not do the same thing?

challenge: Create an image using a variety of these marking techniques

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Line Drawing

One line drawings are fun and simple way to create drawings which explore movement and creativity by letting your hand take over!

Have a go at creating your ow lone line drawing making sure you don’t lift the pen from the paper

Paper Ripping

What if you didn’t have to use a tool to draw?

Use paper to create an image, paying attention to. Shape nd tone.

Create a portrait out of paper ripping out shapes to create your face 

Via Susan Mitrano
Via Susan Mitrano


One of the most popular drawing techniques

Sketching is often used to create portraits and images of people or things.

Sketching is building tone through using light strokes with pencil, graphite or other implements.

Take a look at this drawing.

Can you see how the artist has created depth and tone through sketching?

Via V&A museum