Mark Making

What is mark making?

Mark making is exploring the different marks that your drawing tool can make but using different hand movements and using different pressure. 

Mark making is a way for artists to explore texture, tone and different media and tools 

Watch this video…

Look at all of the different mark making techniques this artist uses to create different lines and patterns using just a pencil!

Now its your turn…


Draw 6-8 boxes on a piece of paper 


Fill in each box using one mark making technique per box. You can do anything from scribbles to stippling (dotting).


Be as creative as possible – let your hand take over

Let’s develop our creativity…


This time gather as many different tools and materials you can to make marks with. Here we used ink, chalk, charcoal, glue and soil, string and paint to explore all the different marks that could be made.

Split your page up again – if you want to create a large piece, try using masking tape to split up your page.

Let your creativity flow!