Lesson plans and resources

Lesson plan 1:

Paper ripping –  drawing a landscape:




This provides and entertaining way to warm up the children’s hand muscles, ready for a fine motor activity.


Main activity:


  • Introduce the concept of landscapes to children
  • Show some images of local and far away landscapes.
  • Discuss how you might draw a chosen landscape.
  • Introduce the idea of ripping paper to create drawings.
  • Get children to draw an object in front of them only trough ripping paper to do so.


Model the landscape activity seen here:




Create a class gallery of work discussing what the children enjoyed.


Ask the question: is this drawing? Is it art?

Let the children discuss. Share ideas.


Lesson Plan 2:



  • Get the children to draw an abstract image of how they would represent different emotions and feelings .
  • Discuss the link between the emotions and feelings and how each child has represented them.


Main activity:

  • Talk about how artwork often portrays the artist’s thoughts feelings and emotions and how they do this.

You could choose some artworks that do this to discuss with the children.

  • Get a large piece of paper – preferably a1 – for each table play a music compilation of your choice which has a range of sounds and compositions. (Make sure that this is suitable for all of your children – if children do not want to listen to the music provide ear defenders or get support to do activity in a quieter space)


  • Ask the children to let the music guide their pen and create marks based on the sounds they hear and the emotions that they feel from the music.
  • Discuss the work that they have produced and ask them to create a new piece of work using the marks they have made in this activity.

Music Resource Ideas: