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Artist: Bob and Roberta Smith

Category: Contemporary artist (artist alive or from the last century)

Focus: Sign Writing, Protest Art


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Bob and Roberta Smith (Patrick Brill) is a British artist who creates artworks which depict typography (writing) in the for of sign writing. 

Brill often uses his artwork to convey a message about social change. Particularly about art and education.

How did he create his artwork?

Brill use inspiration from commercial signs that he had seen in the world around him as inspiration. 

He would source materials from rubbish and dumps to create his art on like pieces of wood he had found. 

Via Tate

The pieces that Brill created took lots of time and effort and he paid a lot of attention to detail.

If you were to creat a protest poster what would you be making it for and what techniques would you use? 

Why not have a go at recreating some of Bob and Roberta smith’s work in your own style?